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tv   Today in New York  NBC  September 22, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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when pope francis touches down in new york five youngsters will be among those greeting him. these five students hand picked from catholic schools in brooklyn and queens. the oldest 15 and the youngest 5. these kids have been working on what they're going to say to the holy father. they'll be giving him what they call a spiritual bouquet. it is a collection of prayers given to them from catholic schools across the brooklyn diocese. >> i was really ecstatic because i didn't know it was going to happen to me so i was shocked. >> the pope, not everyone gets to meet him and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> i was really happy and like surprised. >> what an opportunity. only about 200 people are expected to meet the pope when he lands at kennedy airport on thursday. there's a new pole giving us a look on what people in our area think about the holy father. according to a survey by sienna
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new york city 75%. roman catholics the pope's popularity rises to 90%. darlene rodriguez is in cuba right now. we're going to check in with darlene at 5:00 a.m., in about a half an hour. on our website right now everything you need to know about the pope's visit and a special look about what makes pope francis different from his predecessors. head to >> he really has united people. he is different. he's a pope of the people. >> right. people are attuned to it. i heard a young woman talking about the type of chair he uses, a wooden one. >> very, very humble. it is time for the weather and traffic on the 4s. beautiful weather for the pope's arrival as well, chris? >> it's looking that way. there may be a few clouds but it
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should be very pleasant, very nice. for today, overcast, breezy most of the day. could be a sprinkle or two north and west of the city early on. look for morning temperatures in the 50s and 6 os. afternoon temperatures climb back to the low and mid 70s. best chance of late break of sunshine. first forecast, 63 in town. a cool breeze out there. we have that cool breeze throughout the day. plenty of clouds. forecast of 74 degrees. for the latest on the commute, lauren. >> it looks really good. one accident in oakland county, route 9 shut down. small stretch there to keep an eye on. we have some road work that will be overnight every night this week. the battery park underpass. it is shut down in both directions until 5:00 a.m. we have one tube of the battery
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taking on two-way traffic. you'll need to use local streets to get around in manhattan. alternate side parking in effect today. 4:36. following breaking news this morning out of new jersey, a home on laurel avenue up in flames. firefighters arriving to find the flames shooting through the roof. "today in new york's" tracie strahan spoke with firefighters. >> it's safe to say that this is a fire that actually awakened the entire neighborhood. many fire departments still on the scene. but because neighbors tell us smoke filled this entire area. now fire officials tell us that the call came in around 1:44 for a three alarm fire here at 199 laurel avenue. there was heavy fire on the first and second floor according to authorities and it damaged the exterior buildings because it was so hot on both sides. a lot of that fire started in
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the back of the house and extended to the second floor. it is at this point under control but there is because of the roof collapse that happened here visible damage. we spoke to the fire chief a short time ago. he talks about the visible damage that he saw. take a listen. >> i saw a woman and a little boy. >> the collapse of the roof which collapses the second floor. both of the buildings on either side did receive damage to the exterior. >> i saw a woman and a little boy standing here with a blanket. she said they had gotten out and they were okay. >> reporter: well, investigate ors are going to look to see what sparked the fire 159:44 this morning. firefighters said there was someone who was able to self-evacuate. they saw a family in blankets that could have come from the home. the big problems is a lot of
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in some cases because that's what could have caused more damage here. the good news, no injuries to any firefighters, i should say, and no civilian injuries as well. back to you. >> tracie strahan live in new jersey. thank you. 4:38 right now. new this morning, a big cleanup ahead for two long island shops after a car plowed into a front door. not just any car, that's a white maserati wedged into that mangled building. this is on higby lane in west islip. it slammed into the front of the building at 10:30. it caused extensive damage to two businesses. one person had to be extricated, taken to the hospital. no details yet as to their injuries. there is one fewer republican running this morning for president. wisconsin governor scott walker withdrawn from the race. >> i believe that i am being called to lead by helping to clear the field in this race so
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that a itive conservative message can rise to the top of the field. >> walker's statement yesterday was seen as a rallying cry against front-runner donald trump. walker's campaign ran out of money and he sank lower in the polls. meanwhile, carly fiorina is rising in those same polls. she appeared last night on nbc's "tonight show" with jimmy fallon. he asked her to share a song that she sings to one of her two dogs my name's nick and i'm lazy take a walk with me, i'd rather stay right here at home instead i want to lie right down in my nice warm bed my name's nick and you're going to have to carry me >> that's great. fallon also asked fiorina if she'd be okay with a muslim president and she said yes. 4:40.
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president xi jinping arrives in washington to meet with the president. he'll meet with warren buffet, apple's tim cook. he and the president will discuss china's slump and cyber attacks aimed at the united states. why the kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples could be in trouble again. plus, when a fight over money can impact your commute. talk of service cuts. your weather and traffic on the 4s straight ahead. 63 degrees out there.
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here's four things to know
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at 4:43. the pope departs cuba and arrives in the united states. stops will be in washington, d.c., and a live update where darlene rodriguez is. that's ahead at 5:00 a.m. we have a new look at the man that police are looking for in the shooting death of a cab driver in the broncos x. news 4 has this exclusive video. this is after he was gunned down. he leaves behind three young sons and a pregnant wife. today michael grimm heads to prison. staten island said he'll report to a medium security prison in philadelphia. he'll serve an eight month sentence for filing a false tax return. >> fewer people than expected have used the city's newest subway system. the mta says 7,000 people are using the hudson yard station to catch the 7 train.
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>> 4:44. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. chris, we should point out. the next magic number is 7, correct? >> matching the city. >> there you go. >> i bet they will double the people traveling on the train. we're getting closer. >> in the meantime, encouraging weather. >> pretty invigorating. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. low levels of humidity. a bhit it of a breeze out of the north and south. not going to be a very bright day. 63, mostly cloudy. a few breaks by day's end. sprinkles north and west. awesome arrival of weather thursday and friday. no rain anticipated. high point, 55, franklin, 55. parsippany, 57.
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cool spots like yesterday morning. the clouds kept the heat towards the surface. 63 in new york city. same in long branch. 50s in connecticut and the hudson valley. a lot of clouds but not a lot of rain. most of it is over eastern pennsylvania. this is all going to pass to the west northwest. northwest new jersey a lot not reaching the ground. there could be sprinkles out there. you can see a brief shower as well as warren county in new jersey early on. that should whisk on by to the northeast. the pope leaving dc and arriving at j.f.k. should be 77 degrees. shouldn't be any weather issues. the next day on friday to the united nations we go, 65. at 11:30 at the 9 oe 11 memorial, mid 70s. 74 in east harlem and 73 at central park. no rain anticipated. ideal conditions it should be for most.
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future tracker does show a few showers early north and west dissipating. clouds hang tough. then you see some clear spots. that's the temperatures today. here's your seven day forecast, looking pretty good. 74. clouds, yes, but then more sunshine tomorrow. it will be a nice, summery day at 81. 80 thursday. 74 and cooler with clouds. weekend, clouder and cooler. rain and shower activity especially sunday. upper 70s on monday. >> lauren? >> things are rolling along pretty nicely. a couple of bus detours. q 44 and q 58. if you're getting on the roads, live look outside at the brooklyn bridge where you have the road work shutting down the bridge.
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the bqe is slow. live look at the expressway by the bronx river parkway. two lanes shut down. that's what's causing the delays. you have road work on the cross bronx today. i'll let you know when that clears hopefully sooner rather than later. battery park underpass is closed. you'll need to take local streets. and alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. former tennis star james blake says a meeting with the mayor and police commissioner was a productive one. the three met because of this surveillance video. it shows an officer arresting blake outside a mid town hotel in an aggressive manner. blake says he's hoping a conversation like this will help so this doesn't happen again. he stopped short of giving the details of the initiatives that he's proposing. >> looking for lasting, positive impact on the city and on the
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police force. >> we are retraining our entire patrol force, which has never been done before. >> blake still did not rule out filing a lawsuit against the city. the officer involved, james frascatore remains on modified duty without his badge and gun and that is until an internal investigation is complete. meanwhile, the city council is calling for a way to identify over aggressive officers and have them retrained partly in response to the james blake case. the new legislation would require the police department to evaluate allegations of misconduct. special attention to officers who have prior complaints. 4:49. officer thomas o'neill charged with hitting a motorcycle with his truck around taking off. o'neill turned himself in yesterday. he's suspended without pay. the motorcyclist was rushed to stoney brook hospital in critical condition.
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charged now in the hazing death of a baruch death. police say that ten members of the pi delta psy fraternity physically abused him and tried to cover it up. they face a series of charges including criminal charges. the mta chairman tom prendegast made a statement yesterday. the city's committing to more than $650 million over five years but says it should pay over $3 billion. the mta commissioner called that punitive. same-sex couples going back to court against the kentucky county clerk. they argued kim davis is now changing the licenses that were granted by her deputies when she was in jail.
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they'd like a judge to stop her. davis returned to work last week. her refusal to grant those licenses had landed her in jail for that time. now couples are worried that she could be making their licenses invalid. the texas teenager who was arrested for bringing a clock to class is coming to new york. ahmed muhammad arrives tomorrow. he was invited to meetings at the u.n. yesterday he was a guest of honor at the google science fair in california and his team took him out -- his dad, rather, took him out of the dallas area school. officials deny that muhammad was arrested because he's muslim. this morning there are very happy jets fans taking on the colts. gang green getting things started. that's when ryan fets patrick, the qb, the jets defense forced five turnovers. darrelle revis had three including the fumble recovery.
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brandon marshall helped sail eal the game. the jets win 20-7. the jets and the mets doing great right now. >> it's a good time. 4:51 right now. still to come, an elaborate scandal we want to warn you about. police say these people posed as good samaritans but they are anything but. and it's a record-breaking yacht. it heads out to sea for the first time. not a bad boat. who reportedly owns this. >> wow. >> you're watching "today in new
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the queensboro bridge. 4:54 right now on this tuesday morning. you're looking at what's believed to be the world's largest super yacht. thank you. there you go. workers in germany, they spent three years building it. they just turned it out to sea for the first time for the sea trials. people gathered on the shore to watch it.
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how big is this boat you ask? 459 feet long with a mast stands 295 feet high. taller, actually, than the brooklyn bridge. the yacht has eight different floors. one of which includes an underwater observation room. this is blofeld's yacht from bond, right? the price tag $565 million. it's believed to be owned by a russian billionaire. >> when did it become a mini crewship? kind of is, ght? >> yacht. >> that seems very large. >> seems like -- yeah, like massive. >> there you go. taking your jakt out, dingy, whatever it is on the day. >> dingy is bigger than our whole house. >> that's another story. we are looking at a lot of clouds today. >> indeed, it is. >> very first saturday night. >> that one always gets everybody, doesn't it?
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it's 4:55 in the morning. clouds giving way to a clearing trend. it will be a cool night, upper 50s with 40s in the distant suburbs. a little if any rain. a sprinkle north and west. >> you two report for detention. >> i know. this is a bad crowd. >> thankfully not much is going on on the roads. you two can have your conversation over there. we'll show our new jersey commuters what your day looks like. out by exit 52 in fairfield, smooth sailing. not seeing any delays. everything has reopened. we will head over now to the grand central parkway by laguardia airport. a nice ride here. overall queens still in good shape. where i'm seeing delays is on the cross bronx expressway. lauren, thanks very much. >> meanwhile, the mta police have arrested a 25-year-old queens man for driving on the long island railroad tracks in long island city. ronnie morrah, abandoned his car when it struck the third rail
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he did reportedly apologize to workers for leaving the car. it shut down train station from penn station to jamaica. he's charged with driving while intoxicated and endangerment. >> a bird caused a landing. american airlines flight 1889 took off from charlotte, north carolina, but a bird hit the plane's windshield and it caused a crack. it was diverted to philadelphia where it landed safely right around 6:30 last night. all 114 passengers were put on another plane and sent on their way just about an hour later. it is 4:57 now. police have released photos of three suspects pulling off a flat tire scam in queens. investigators say they punctured a woman's tire on parsons boulevard in jamaica last week. then they offered to help her change her tire. while she was distracted though police say they stole the victim's purse. they got away with credit cards
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and more than $1,000 in cash. the new jersey police officer pleaded not guilty to charges in a deadly wrong way crash on staten island. lyndon police officer pedro abatt. he had to be wheeled into court to plead to the 27 count indictment. prosecutors say his blood alcohol content was more than three times the legal limit when he drove the wrong way on to a staten island exit ramp. he slammed head on into a tractor-trailer killing a fellow officer and another friend. a third passenger was critically injured. all right. in news for your health this morning there is a new study questioning when men should be screened for prostate cancer. four years ago a panel of experts recommended that men not get regular screenings claiming they did more harm than good. researchers from vanderbilt university have determined that the recommendation reduced overdiagnosis and overtreatment in low risk cancer cases but it may have also caused higher risk cases to be missed. also there is a new study suggesting that yoga may help
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improve the symptoms of people with arthritis. researchers at johns hopkins looked at 75 patients assigned to twice weekly classes or put on a wait list. the group assigned yoga showed a 20% improvement in pain, energy levels, mood and physical functions. the improvements, by the way, were still noticeable nine months later. >> the benefits of yoga. coming up at 5:00 a.m., if you're about to head out the door. >> keep watching today in new york by downloading the news 4 app in mobile device. our next hour starts right now. we are hours away from history. pope francis arriving here in the united states for the first tiem me time. breaking news out of new jersey. a home that goes up in flames. a maserati takes out two
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"today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. coming up on 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday. i'm michael gargiulo. >> darlene covering pope francis in havana. >> very warm for darlene in cuba. we've had some fabulous weather our self. >> yeah, we were well above normal our self. finally going back to a normal temperature regime. 52 and mid and upper 50s. city of long island low 60s. jersey shore, upper 50s. everybody socked in with some clouds. a couple of sprinkles north and west of the city. then it's just gray and breezy for noontime. feels like and looks like autumn. this is the last official day of summer. forecasting a high of 74 degrees. the forecast coming up on the 4s. how's the commute looking, lauren? >> commute looks pretty good for most. we have delays on the cross
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sheridan two lane shutdown westbound. things are jammed up through this area. head over to the bruk ner, a better option. hopefully they're getting this wrapped up. ocean county commuters, route 9 shut down northbound. this is because of an accident they're working on clearing that. we'll have more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. pope francis arrives here in america in just 11 hours. his first stop will be washington, d.c. d.c. is ready. security in place. the faithful already arriving by bus. tomorrow president obama will welcome the pope to the white house. this morning he israpping up the first leg of this historic trip. the hope departs cuba this afternoon. darlene rodriguez is the only local reporter in havana. she's been speaking to people about the holy father's visit. darlene, fantastic to see you once again in cuba. >> reporter: it's always great to see you, michael. miss you guys.
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but, yes, we are re. the pope does move onto the united states, but he still has a busy morning here in cuba in the time he's here. he's left an incredible impression on the cuban people. everyone we talk to here speaks so warmly about him. even those who aren't catholic do understand the impact he's had here in this small country. it will be interesting to hear what pope francis has to say in his homilies in the united states. while he's been here his messages haven't been overtly political. he has referenced things like change. he's told them not to be afraid. he said service is not ideological, you serve people, not ideas. he is in santiago de cuba. he played to the shrine. every step here children have sung songs to the holy father. as you know, he's known to be so warm and engaging in every stop
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along the way. he has tried to stop and give them attention and show that he appreciates them. yesterday we told you about how things have changed in cuba since the last time we were here. want to show you a little bit of that. now there's some slightly more modern technology. there are internet hot spots. you can pay around the equivalent of 2 to $3 an hour of service and what you find when we've driven around havana, you see people congregating around these places. they purchased a card. you pay by the hour. you can actually get online. those of us at home were interested in social media. there's facebook, twitter and instagram. you can't have these things at home. there are smart phones, sometimes, but there are no apple products here. there's no face time. there is a guys time type app called emo which is a little bit different. talk about the streets, when you think about cuba, a lot of people think about those cars, those american cars from the 1950s that have been here. they're still here but they're
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no longer the most common car.
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